CMF Jewelry store - Fashion Jewelry and Handbag Store Hanioti

CMF Jewelry store - Fashion Jewelry and Handbag Store Hanioti


When you are on holiday, you are allowed to beautify your day in every possible way. The CMF store offers a wide range of products ranging from jewelry, watches, bags, wallets to perfumes and makeup. What is characteristic and recognizable for this store is the famous and original brand Duki Daso. The store is fully equipped and covers all your needs when is good and fashionable look in question, especially favorable to ladies who can afford a great look with shopping in this store. CMF is designed to provide you with guaranteed quality, modern design with affordable prices to make you look different, fresh and interesting every day on vacation and also you will bring with you a great memory that will last.

In addition to many designs of necklaces, you also have rings, ear jewelry, foot jewelry, and there is no opportunity that you can not dominate with a great piece of jewelry, whether it's a walk by the sea or a glamorous night-time. Jewelry is made of high-quality materials such as beads, zircons, crystals and the like.

The watch has always been a piece that easily fit into the style, whether it's a sports look, business or elegant. A great selection of watches in this store will allow you to afford one for each dress combination.

When it comes to the connection between a woman and a bag, we can say that this is a special kind of love. We are confident that you can find in the CMF store a bag (if you can only choose one) for every event whether it's a walk, a job, a day out, a celebration or all day excursion. Bags and belts, as well as scarves that fit in with them, will complete your style to perfection. Brand Duki Daso offers unforgettable collections that fully describe today's, modern woman. You are offered small bags, large, one shoulder bags, rucksacks, wallets, glasses cases, belts all designed to make your look odor with originality.

For you and your kids, CMF offers a large selection of watches, a particularly interesting watch with LED screen, completely innovative and interesting to your kids. Also, colorful decorations for hair are waiting for your little princesses, bracelets, hairpins, interesting pendants and handbags to complement their experience of being truly small ladies.

Shopping in this store can always fix your day and make you completely satisfied with your own appearance!

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