Bruno Gellato Hanioti is located on the first peninsula of Halkidiki at a beautiful sea village called Hanioti. It is a place where you can find and taste authentic Italian Gelato which is made by 100% pure milk and materials and not mix bags from the market. The fruits are the best quality someone can find and we do not use food color to our ice creams. Therefore, the taste of each ice cream it’s very delicate and will leave you a beautiful Mediterranean feel. One taste will convince you! At our place, you can also find other things like waffles, ice fruit juice and the best soft ice cream ever. You can also taste the new trend of the field it’s called Chimney Cakes. This is a “tunnel” filled with Nutella and ice cream and every other thing you can imagine like strawberries and other fruits and biscuits and also ice cream!! It’s very famous in the Northern Europe for over 4 centuries and its now a famous trend in New York, London and all over the globe. Give it a try!!

We wish you a Happy summer!


We are convinced ourselves that Bruno Gelato has a special texture and a certain note of taste that makes it unique and perfect. From our point of view, this is certainly one of the best ice cream in Hanioti. We enjoyed the opportunity to visit this pastry shop and try the unusual treats that this place possesses besides top-quality homemade ice cream.


The history of Bruno Gelato Ice Cream has begun since the 80s in Italy as a family business which quickly expanded and won other European countries. That's how Bruno Gelato arrived in Greece, and besides many shops across the country, we are highlighting this one in the heart of Hanioti.

A special feature of Bruno Gelato ice cream is fresh whole milk as an ingredient. All milk ice creams contain between 60% and 75% pure whole milk, which is delivered several times a week by regional diaries and processed immediately.

Longtime partners deliver so-called fruit purees made of real fruit, specifically made according to the needs of Bruno Gelato. These give our fruit ice creams an authentic and genuine taste! That is why we can nearly refrain from adding any artificial flavors and colors.

By using modern shock fosters our inimitable incomparable quality and creaminess are maintained from the ice cream machine straight to you at home. The perfectly balanced addition of air also provides for a pleasant development of the taste and allows the ice cream to be portioned easily: less air in the ice cream means more scoops for you! Your ice cream maintains its quality from the first to the last scoop.

Relax in harmony. Whether it is the end of a day or just a rewarding timeout in between we have the right dessert for special occasions or just for every day – with Bruno Gelato every moment will become special. Our different varieties offer ice cream for every occasion.

Every year our company creates new innovative varieties for you. This service is unique and shows the „spirit of the age“ of Bruno Gelato. Our creations meet every wish. They range from the popular classics such as vanilla-Madagascar and chocolate to unusual compositions such as chocolate-chili-orange, Irish cream, and raspberry cheesecake.

As to be expected we produce according to current HACCP standards and have been certified according to IFS (International Featured Standard Food) since 2009. Growth means higher quality requirements, so we permanently create higher quality targets for ourselves. Together with our qualified staff, we pursue these targets ambitiously and highly motivated.

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