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Seeds Gallery Shop - Σπόροι Online

We are a professional seeds company offering high-quality seeds.

We know that we are on the right way because the idea of creating our company was born from the personal love of the owner per plants and beautiful and healthier environment. By trying to find good and quality seed for our yard and garden, through the countless unsuccessful attempts to grow the plant, we realized that we will make our environment the most beautiful by creating our own world of plants and seeds. The first plants have been sprout in our yard, and we still have the privilege of enjoying an environment enriched with many kinds of plants and seeds that we successfully and unselfishly sharing with you since 2012. All of our seeds are hand-picked, counted and cleaned, and the most important is that when germination is concerned our seeds have 99.99% success. We intend to remain with the concept of a small company that continues to be in the first place when it comes to quality and good seeds.

As the scope of work grows, we strive to expand our collection of seeds in accordance with your needs and wishes, so our gallery already counts over 2000 different seeds. Each plant has been thoroughly explored and the data about it are confirmed, so what you see in the pictures in our webshop is what you will surely get when shopping our seeds. We try to present as many plants as possible with our original image, and we intend to do this for as many of the descriptions on our site. We grow numerous plants on our own, but because of the increase in demand, we include local farmers in our production. They treat plants on our requirement, without chemicals and genetic modification. Seeds that fail on our climate are exclusively purchased from proven suppliers who have the same policy when planting is concerned. We do not buy seeds from China.
We are expanding our knowledge because of you in order to provide you with a good product by offering you everything you need to know about keeping the seed, how to sow and grow the plant to the end result. We want to distance you from genetically modified foods and give you the opportunity to grow your own organic food. There is no price for what you create yourself in your yard. The plants which decorate and enrich your apartment have much higher value because you have successfully grown and produced them on your own.

Perhaps our story is like all the others, but what we know is that we make the world a better place to live because every one of our seed will make this planet a healthier environment, every fruit that grows on your plant will make you and your family healthier and better. That's why we are doing this work with great satisfaction. We do not want to change the world for the better, we change ourselves to a better awareness that our story is not a bit ordinary and like everyone else. The moment you planted the seeds purchased with us, you made us together better for the whole society, and this is still an idea and vision that we believe in.